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We provide the highest standards in cleaning services, therefore contributing to a better quality of life of our clients, by having clean houses and buildings while being friendly to the environment as well as the ongoing improvement of our systems.

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We have close communication and support with our collaborators, as well as follow-up with our clients without invading too much. once the appointment has been made, they can assume that we are there, they do not need to confirm or call us to remind us, unless the client needs to change something.

All are important in our company, those who are here, those who arrive, those who leave and those who will come, we are all part of GJS and we will always be!

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Environment friendly





We continue to seek to implement the best techniques. Training and products to be in constant evolution, as new lines of materials come out every time, therefore we must be aware of the best methods to clean these new surfaces.


Over time, we have searched for the most efficient products, with the characteristics that support the values ​​of our company. we find our products with various suppliers, we encourage our clients and collaborators to support the ecological homes initiative.




Magic Eraser

Green Janitorial Services

At GJS we are committed to going that extra mile that makes the difference, the detail is what characterizes us. It doesn’t matter if the client doesn’t see it, if it is dirty it is cleaned, period.


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